Cutting the Apron Strings

September 30, 2022

Back in the day, when Good Batch Mama was just beginning (yes, 2018 is "now back in the day"), we bought a used freezer off Facebook marketplace. When we got home with our freezer and opened it up, we found a giant pile of embroidered aprons inside. These black aprons had "Miss Daisy's Diner" stitched in faded gold thread across the front. After contacting the seller and being told to keep them, naturally, we gave them a wash and began wearing them. As we wore these aprons of a business gone by, we began to form a sentimental attachment to them! Not only did the remind us our own grass roots, it felt like a step in story that was leading us to where we wanted to go. 

Fast forward four years and several in person interviews where we appeared on tv wearing the Miss Daisy's Diner aprons, and we finally got new ones! We started the ordering process last year, but apparently aprons were in the list of "things covid slows down", and they just arrived last week. 

Now, if you stumble into the GBM kitchen, you will see workers clad in sleek grey logoed aprons of our own, but on the right day, when the afternoon sun shines through our giant stain glass window, you can still catch a peak of a Miss Daisy's Diner apron hanging on the hook in the corner, or parading proudly on a stubborn worker; because after all, no one can ever really let go of where they came from.