Dibs & Dabs

OCTOBER 7, 2022

Anytime we dream up a new program or idea here at Good Batch Mama, we have a two-hour free form meeting where we sit around the table and yell random combinations of moderately relative words as we attempt to name our latest idea. The Stork Report, our baby campaign, was named one night in the kitchen as we made cookies. “On the Table”, our monthly giveaway, was named as we sat in Kayla's office invading her personal space and creative bubble with our random blurting. Good Batch Mama itself was named by Elizabeth in her living room, years before it ever became Anna’s hand drawn logo.The Cooking Club, our rewards program, was named after Elizabeth’s group of friends who used to cook meals together. When it came time to launch our blog, the posts were done, design was complete, and it was going live in two days...nameless.

Cue the random name blurting meeting. Elizabeth was out of town, so Adam, Anna Catherine, and Kayla sat down to tackle it themselves. The suggestions got wild at times, with “sacred crumbs” staying on the table far longer than it should have been. After an hour of failed attempts, the group dissolved andreturned to their tasks. Anna Catherine knew what had to be done; she had to call in the naming queen. One phone call later, Elizabeth was rattling off name ideas at the cyclic rate. It was her eighth try when

she landed the punch.

Elizabeth’s grandmother was named Bebe. She was a Texan woman who married a full-blooded Italian, and by the time Elizabeth knew her, she might as well have been from Italy herself. The lady planned her days around the meals she would cook, and the love for food in this family trickled down from her and her husband’s home.

When Bebe cooked up a big Sunday meal, you could bet when Monday rolled around, there would be dibs and dabs for dinner. This was Bebe’s version of leftovers, a little bit of this and a little bit of that. It was this nostalgic sentiment that led Elizabeth to the name for the Good Batch Mama blog. 

We will be incorporating stories about our family and the families we serve, recipes we have created and want you to enjoy, and different lifestyle posts that you can use for time with your family. It is truly going to be a little bit of this and a little bit of that!We hope this resource not only compliments our frozen meals service, but also presents value to you

and your family on the evenings when Good Batch Mama isn't in your freezer. Thanks for being a part of our family; we are so excited to share Dibs and Dabs with you!