Ask The Mama

May 2, 2024

(E:) Anything that I learned to make with my grandmother is special to me. Lasagna wins because I get to make it every week, but Coconut Cream Pie and Chocolate Pie are close seconds. I have the recipe cards in her handwriting that I hold dear. I grew up making both with her, and I love looking at her recipe as I make it so I can think of her, though I do have them all memorized at this point. 

(E:) Working alongside two of my children is really special; it's a guaranteed opportunity to see them every day! We started when they were both in their late teens; I can't believe we've been doing it together for over six years. Seeing Good Batch Mama grow through the work of their own minds and hands, has far exceeded my expectations, and I credit that in so many ways to the two of them. 

(E:) I have so many memories surrounding this item! I picked strawberries with my grandmother as a child, and then I lived in South Carolina with my kids and got to take them to pick giant red berries whenever I wanted. I remember when I learned how to make the jam with two of my friends 23 years ago, and I have been making it ever since.

(E:) My kids have always indulged me on Mother's Day - a game of baseball with no arguing! Although I can't say it ever went down without a fight. It started with arguing over who had to have me on their team (I never was a first-round pick, even on a day set aside for me) and ended with Anna Catherine locking us all out of the house one year!