Cheese Please


August 17, 2023

How well do you know your cheeses?

In the age of charcuterie and grazing boards, cheese blocks have become an art form on platters and boards. Although we see clients enjoying the classics the most, a unique cheese offering is never lost in the eyes of the hungry crowd. Cheese may be consumed by most, but spend a little time reading about the process to make it and you may think twice. Leaving a milk product out for months to mold and then selling it in stores? The only other question is, how well do you know your cheeses? Take the quiz below and find out!

11-15 correct – a cheese wizard for sure! 

7-10 correct- knowledgeable enough to fake it until you make it! 

0-6 correct- appreciate cheese from afar, but don’t try any name dropping! 

1. All of the following are examples of fresh cheese except which?  

      a. Ricotta  

      b. Cream cheese  

      c. Blue cheese  

      d. Feta  

2. What naturally occurring substance is added to vats of milk to speed up the coagulation (thickening) towards cheese?  

      a. Starter  

      b. Rennet  

      c. Brin  

      d. Bannon  

3. French Monks invented what cheese in 960 AD? 

      a. Cheddar  

      b. Brie  

      c. Munster  

      d. Camembert De Normandie  

4. Cheese is made from the milk of which animals?  

      a. Sheep  

      b. Cows 

      c. Goats  

      d. All of the above  

5. Which cheese is not real? 

      a. Flower Marie  

      b. Bath Cheese  

      c. Buffalo  

      d. Swan Cheese  

6. Which German cheese is a fresh curd with a sharp yogurt-like taste? 

      a. Tilsit  

      b. Limburger  

      c. Cambozola  

      d. Quark  

7. This cheese was invented in 1882 in a town in Wisconsin. It is sweet but bland and accepted as an all-purpose cheese in the USA. 

      a. Colby  

      b. Cheddar  

      c. Monterey Jack  

      d. Colby Jack  

8. Which rindless velvety cheese is made by turning the lactose into lactic acid? 

      a. Feta  

      b. Cream Cheese  

      c. Brie  

      d. Fontina 

9. This flavorful yellow cheese is named after its origin town in Holland is wrapped in black wax after being aged for 18 months.  

      a. Edam 

      b. Ruden  

      c. Gouda  

      d. Fontina  

10. Which cheese is sold swimming in whey and has layered spun curd?  

      a. Queso Anejo  

      b. Mascarpone  


      d. Ricotta  

True or false  

11. Traditional Ricotta cheese is made from whey. 

12. Cheese can be stored in caves or ripening rooms for weeks or months to mature.  

13. Unpasteurized cheese can be produced in the USA.  

14. In the Odyssey, Homer gives a detailed description of how to make Mozzarella cheese.  

15. Pasteurized, commercially produced Feta cheese, which is preserved with large amount of salt, can be soaked in cold milk to lessen the salt flavor and bring out the flavor of the cheese.  

See how you did! Or try the quiz with friends!