GBM Goes On Vacation

June 15, 2023

Are you going on a long vacation or planning to spend a few days hiding away somewhere besides home? Taking Good Batch Mama meals with you is a great way to make your trip even more relaxing! 

Enjoying a special night out with new restaurant choices is a lot of fun- but after several nights, you may decide a night in is what you need. Whether it’s to save money for something else or to avoid long wait times with large groups or little kids, eating at your rental presents a lot of positives- but not if you have to spend half your day prepping a meal. This is where we get to come on vacation with you! 

If you are driving to your final destination, you can pack a cooler with our frozen meals. We only recommend doing this with a frozen solid meal, ample insulation, and ice. If you have a particularly long drive, you can replenish the ice at service stations if needed. Once you get there, move your meals to the freezer or fridge and get ready to change your vacation status quo! 

If you choose some leftover-friendly meals, you can take extra to have some for lunch. If you have more than six people, consider offering two options, like baked spaghetti and Alfredo. If you are having “taco Tuesday,” take a super-size trifecta so you have queso and meat for nachos. Also, bring a few types of enchiladas for everyone to dig into. Breakfast and beef and cheese burritos make great options to thaw in the fridge and have available for easy microwave snacks. 

We are excited to share this information with you; we have done this on vacation for decades. As our business grew and our customers began doing the same, we have seen them go all over the country. A recent customer came by to grab some meals to take in an RV to Alaska! We would love to hear stories and see pictures of the vacations you take GBM meals on!