Happy Mother's Day

May 12, 2023

"I love it when you make my food. My mom is good at making dinner. My mom shows me she loves me when she makes me a snack. My mom is good at making us spaghetti. My favorite thing my mom does is cut me an apple. While I am at school, my mom goes to the grocery store."

Add several misspellings and a few grammatical errors, and you have the Mother's Day fill-in-the-blank that your little kids have come home with throughout the years. Some of those are specific examples of notes Elizabeth got from her kids when they were young.

There's no doubt it makes an impact on kids to know that their mothers provide them with food each and every day. They know that when the belly starts grumbling, a mom is nearby. She waves her magic wand and fulfills their needs: the provider, the connector, the breakfast fairy. 

Each and every day, Good Batch Mama witnesses the interaction of moms providing for their kids, their families, their own moms, and even other moms.

What a gift that, as moms, you can be that safe place for your kids, homes, and communities. To celebrate mothers is to celebrate love. 

Wishing all of customers a Happy Mother's Day! But we couldn't forget to say a special thanks to all of our own Good Batch Mama's, who help us behind the scenes!