The Golden Batch

January 25, 2024

We put together a new campaign each year that connects us with our customers and community. In 2021, we launched the Stork Report, a program that gifts families a free meal if they welcome a new baby. It is actually still active, even after three years. (You can find out more here). In 2022, we had “On the Table,” a giveaway program that used social media platforms to gift lots of different items that ranged from family games and meal packs to free lunch catering. For 2023, we let you all do the gifting through our “Extra Batch” program, where you sent free meals to your friends and family!  

With the first few weeks of 2024 behind us, it is time to announce the 2024 campaign! It is usually a three-hour round table meeting of random ideas, but this year, Megan, one of our team members, showed up to the meeting ready to impress- she had the idea for 2024! 


The Golden Batch is an extra surprise that could be delivered to your front door with your Good Batch Mama meals! What is that extra surprise in your delivery bag? We printed a shiny batch of golden tickets that boast a collection of single-use discount codes ranging from 15% to 35% off your entire order. There are even a few codes for $50 off your entire order, and there are no minimums for order amounts. How do you get one? Good question! We will be randomly dropping these discount cards into delivery bags Every. Single. Week. You don’t have to do anything special; any online order qualifies. There will be 2 to 4 tickets sent out in our brown delivery bags every Friday, and one of them could be yours! Even if you select to pick up at our shop, you are still eligible to win. Because the selection process is random, you can even win more than once. See the terms and conditions below for more specific details.   


The first round of these tickets is going out next Friday, February 2, and you will continue to see these each week throughout 2024.   


Whether you are placing an order this week or in the future, we hope you will find a special surprise in one of your bags this year!   



  • All golden batch tickets are single-use unless otherwise noted in writing on the ticket and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. 
  • All Golden Batch giveaways are for frozen meal use only. Golden Batch discounts and/or gift cards do not apply to catering of any kind. 
  • The discount code is valid until June 2025. 
  • All delivery and pickup limitations still apply. 
  • To be eligible for selection, an order must be placed through our online order system and be assigned an order number.  
  • Orders that contain only gift card purchases are not eligible. 
  • If an order is selected randomly to win and there is no contact information and/or no customer assigned to the order, it will be discarded as ineligible, and a new winner will be selected. 
  • Because winners are selected using a computerized random process, customers are eligible to win more than once during the year, but a customer cannot win more than once in one week. 
  • Good Batch Mama does not guarantee replacements for lost or destroyed tickets or discount codes. 
  • The maximum dollar value per order/use for percentage-off coupons is limited to $262.50.
  • No Golden Batch discount code can be used to purchase gift cards.